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  • Steven Woda

buySAFE and ScanAlert (HACKER SAFE) Announce a Major Trust, Safety and Security Partnership

This week, buySAFE and ScanAlert, the provider of the Hacker Safe service, announced a huge partnership, and in my opinion, this is a great development for e-commerce.

Under the terms of the deal, ScanAlert will provide buySAFE’s Certified Merchant solution for free to its merchants during the HACKER SAFE account activation process and from within the account management console. In addition, buySAFE will make ScanAlert’s PCI validation services available to its merchants for free as well. This is truly a terrific combination for merchants and buyers.

Obviously, buyers want to find the right product at the right price. Once that has been accomplished, buyers basically care about two things when considering whether or not to make a purchase online…

  1. Am I going to get what I pay for?

  2. Is my private information going to be safe?

buySAFE is the best in the world at making sure buyers will get what they paid for. buySAFE does this by rigorously inspecting its merchants’ sales experience, online reputation, identity, and financial stability. Then, buySAFE monitors the merchant’s transactional history, in real time, for any sign of transactional or business default. Finally and perhaps most importantly, buySAFE puts its money where its mouth is bonding the transactions of buySAFE merchants up to $25,000 per transaction if requested.

Hacker Safe is amongst the best in the world at ensuring that buyers’ private information is going to be safe. They accomplish this goal by performing daily vulnerability scanning of their merchants’ websites. This helps to make sure that the merchants’ websites are secure and difficult for bad guys to breach.

Both companies are industry leaders in the online trust, safety and security world, and both have thousands of merchant customers using their services.

Again, it important for merchants to understand that their shoppers are concerned with two things… and Will I get what I paid for, and is my private information going to be safe? Optimal web site conversion metrics can only be achieved by answering both of these questions credibly. Together, buySAFE and ScanAlert are a powerful combination that will benefit merchants, buyers, and the entire e-commerce industry.

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