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  • Steven Woda

What Hollywood Knows About Leadership That You Don’t

California Governor Jerry Brown, who has the rare distinction of having twice followed former actors into office, recently explained his job this way: “A lot of this is theater. How do you communicate to 38 million people? … [I]t’s gesture, symbol, the narrative, the drama. Who’s the protagonist? Who’s the antagonist?" What can the world of acting teach us about leadership? If you accept the fact that engaging and motivating people is a critical skill for leaders, then the performing arts is an excellent place to look for guidance. After all, film is a $32 billion business worldwide. Television keeps the average American glued to the couch for 35 hours a week. And live theater draws legions of passionate fans. They must be doing something right. Here are five rules from the stage and screen that will help you lead more effectively by communicating more persuasively.
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