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  • Steven Woda

The buySAFE Revolution?

Could 2007 be the year for The buySAFE Revolution? I obviously hope so.

Brian Smith at Comparison Engines recently did a comprehensive post analyzing buySAFE’s prospects in 2007, and I thought you might enjoy the read.

"The buySAFE Revolution – 2007" by Comparison Engines

Brian writes a terrific blog, and if you are interested in eCommerce, you need to regularly check out his insights.

We obviously have a lot of work in front of us, but so far this year, buySAFE has added numerous distribution partnerships that enable tens of thousands of merchants to use buySAFE. In addition, some of the largest merchants in eCommerce are now using buySAFE on their websites. I hope I can report back to you this time next year with news that 2007 was, in fact, the year of The buySAFE Revolution!

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