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Starting a Business? Sell Your Spouse Immediately | BNET

If you’re married and thinking about going into business for yourself, the very first thing you should sell is your spouse. No, I don’t mean auctioning your beloved to the highest bidder. I mean before you put it all on the line, pitch the idea to your husband or wife.

A great article about the most important stakeholder in your entrepreneurial venture… your spouse.

My wife has often suggested (or threatened) to write a book about what it is like to be the spouse of an entrepreneur. Why? Because it is very hard.

We entrepreneurs often get so focused on our businesses and our goals that we forget to think about how our focus and drive affects the folks around us.

As the actual entrepreneurs, we have the latest and greatest info on how things are going with the business, and as you probably already know, the entrepreneur's life is a roller coaster.

Imagine if you didn't have the latest and greatest data. You would feel helpless to control a crucial part of your family's future. The roller coaster would be magnified big time.

There is no more important stakeholder in your venture than your spouse, and you need to recognize that. In fact, if you are an investor in a startup, you need to recognize this fact too. When negotiating with an entrepreneur, you are often negotiating with someone not at the table… the entrepreneur's spouse.

Great article.

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