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links for 2009-07-22

With the recent release of the Mojo software development kit, Palm is hoping to open the floodgates of application for its Palm Pre smartphone. But early impressions suggest webOS SDK won’t be as strong as Apple’s iPhone platform for high-end mobile gaming.

It might seem an odd move for a company that relies on money from advertising. Yet AOL is reducing the number of ads it shows on its home page and some other Web sites it runs. The maneuver is one of the changes new CEO Tim Armstrong, 38, has brought to the long-struggling Internet company since he took over AOL in April. The former Google Inc. executive was hired to recharge AOL and lead its spinoff from Time Warner Inc., undoing a legendarily disastrous deal. To prepare for AOL’s rebirth as an independent company later in the year, Armstrong and other executives say they are trying to recapture elements of the culture AOL had when it was a startup — back when it was America Online and on its way to becoming the dominant provider of dial-up Internet access.

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Beginning over the weekend, T-Mobile USA began pushing out a minor firmware update for the HTC G1 Android phone. Unfortunately, all it does is fix bugs — no new features are installed. This begs the question, why haven’t we heard a peep about the Donut update for Android and what new features will it introduce? All that we know about the new update for the HTC G1 — the world’s first Android phone — is that it refurbs the general permissions and installs some bug fixes. The new firmware, which should change from CRB43 to CRC1, is being pushed out automatically over-the-air. All users’ devices should complete the update by today, June 20. If you were hoping for Donut, be prepared to wait a bit longer.

Pity the poor CEO in today’s media world. UberCEO recently did a study with the headline “It’s Official: Fortune 100 CEOs Are Social Media Slackers.” It goes on to analyze the social-media habits of CEOs at large companies and concluded, shockingly, that they don’t use social media much. Aside from the vaguely self-serving nature of this study (a social-marketing company promoting use of social media), I, too, am shocked! I am shocked how quickly people assume that social media is something everyone should do. I am shocked at the lack of understanding of how impractical social media can be for the CEO of any large company.

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