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  • Steven Woda

buySAFE Hits the 3 Million Bonded Product Listings Milestone

There is big buySAFE news this week. buySAFE passed the 3 million bonded product listings milestone. The announcement was made on the buySAFE blog earlier this week.

This is exciting because it means that there are more than 3 million items for sale at buySAFE Shopping and bonded by buySAFE. The Bonded Items can be found on eBay, Auctions, and TIAS. In a few weeks, you will begin to see Bonded Items direct from merchants’ website stores. Obviously, the more Bonded Items avaiable for sale, the better the experience for shoppers looking to buy safely. Therefore, this exciting news for everyone.

Congratulations to the entire buySAFE team! Nice work.

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