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Where Can You Meet the Largest Merchants on eBay?

buySAFE has attended every one of these remarkable semi-annual events. In fact, we have sponsored every PESA event since the organization’s inception, so we are obviously a huge supporter of this organization.

Therefore, I wanted to give next week’s PESA Summit a mini-plug. If you are a professional merchant or simply interested in e-commerce because you are a member of the media, a financial analyst or a third-party service provider, you should attend this event. You won’t be sorry. You will meet amazing folks and get the inside scoop on where e-commerce and eBay are headed. Christie Hefner of Playboy Enterprises will be giving the Keynote Address.

As a side note, I will be speaking at the PESA Summit on an interesting panel of e-commerce experts including Jonathan Gariss (CEO for GothamCityOnline), Sloan Gaon (VP of Global Strategy for MIVA), and Jimmy Duvall (Director of e-Commerce Products for Yahoo! Small Business). The Website Design & Web 2.0 panel should be very interesting, and I will provide a summary of the discussion on this blog after the event.

I am looking forward to it, and I hope you can find your way to Chicago for this terrific event.

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