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  • Steven Woda

The Trusted Merchant Gallery on the Shopping Site

This week, introduced a Trusted Merchant Gallery on the® Shopping Site. As you may know, all of’s Trusted Merchants are buySAFE Bonded Sellers, so obviously we are excited about this new improvement to’s site.

The Trusted Merchant Gallery will provide Trusted Merchants with access to a new – and huge – group of shoppers. Trusted Merchant listings will be visible in the search results at’s main shopping site. Early traffic and sales results have exceeded expectations!

According to, the New Trusted Merchant Gallery:

  1. Spotlights Trusted Merchant’s listings ONLY

  2. Provides exposure to over 10 million shoppers per month

  3. Delivers highly qualified shoppers who have already begun to search for products

You can view the Trusted Merchant Gallery in action. You will see the gallery at the end of the search results. In the past, when Trusted Merchants / Bonded Sellers have been included in the search results, we have seen dramatic increases in sales volume, and I expect we will see the same thing with this new feature. I will be watching the results quite carefully, and I will plan to follow-up with another post that gives more details on the data as it becomes available.

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