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Skype upgrades!

I am a big fan of

Skype. I have been using it for about 6 months now, and it has basically replaced all of my other instant messenger programs. I enjoy the fact that Skype doesn’t pollute their tool with a bunch of advertising, and I love the combined functionality of chat, phone, and conference calls. Honestly, it is head and shoulders better than all of the other chat/talk tools in my humble. I just wish it were a little more mainstream, so that more of my family and friends would feel comfortable switching as well.

This week, Skype rolled out an upgraded version of their software. Skype 2.0 is still in Beta, but it looks exciting. They have wrapped video into the software, so that you can now make video phone calls.

I haven’t upgraded my version of Skype yet, but I plan to this weekend. Once I do, I will report back with my thoughts.

Also, in another post, I will give you my thoughts on what I think about Skype and eBay. There are lots of strong opinions on the wisdom of eBay’s big investment, and I can’t help but weigh in with my own. 🙂

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