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  • Steven Woda

Night Owls vs. Early Birds in the Business World – Careerealism

“Early to bed and early to rise/makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” [Attributed to Ben Franklin, but really unknown.] It turns out, not only is this old bromide not accurate, it may be just the opposite. In two recent studies (one of which is abstracted on the net, the other one is not) by the University of Liege and by a Japanese researcher Kanazawa (here is the link to the Liege abstract) night owls are actually better able to handle a day than the “larks,” who are up at the crack of dawn each morning. And according to Kanazawa’s study, they are, generally speaking, people of higher intelligence than the “morning people.” Both studies also showed that night owls tend to get more work done, and resist the pressure to sleep better than the larks.


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