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links for 2010-03-09

A high school teacher in New Hampshire is free on $10,000 bail, accused of emailing naked photos of herself to a student. 41-year-old Melinda Dennehy of Hampstead is charged with one felony count of indecent exposure. Police say she sent four nude pictures of herself to one of her 15-year-old students at Londonderry High School, where she teaches English.

Recently Google announced that it will upgrade all US users to Android 2.1. Devices are currently shipping with four versions, so moving to one will help, but that may not be enough to save the platform from fragmentation. The other problem is that there are too many different devices. InfoWorld points out that the Motorola Droid ships with 2.0, but doesn’t support multitouch at the OS level while the HTC Droid Eris does through HTC’s proprietary Sense UI. However, the Eris ships with Android version 1.5. Even if both get upgraded to 2.1, you’ll still have quite a disparity between these two devices. There are dozens of other devices and manufacturers that compound this issue even further.

Microsoft Corp. has said its new software for smart phones, Windows Phone 7 series, is a “clean break” with the past. Now it’s clear just how clean that break is: The new phones, expected late this year, won’t run any applications written for older versions of Microsoft’s phone software. In a blog post Thursday, Microsoft executive Charlie Kindel, who handles contact with outside software developers, said that jettisoning support for older applications was necessary to make the new operating system as powerful and user-friendly as possible.

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