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links for 2010-03-01

Today's Venture Capitalists (VCs) have often qualified innovation as a buyer's or a seller's market (in publicly discussing valuation trends) and that communicates so well how they view innovation; as a commodity. No wonder they fail miserably in generating meaningful alpha (portfolio returns for Limited Partners, or LPs). It is impossible to find and attract outliers of innovation by comparing and compressing valuations. And commodities never outgrow their peers. Disruptive innovation is never a commodity and is always a seller's market (with the company selling its stock to investors). So, the minute innovation becomes a buyer's market, that innovation has just been "crowned" a sub-prime entity and so have both buyer and seller.

In the Age of Technology, I think that nothing really "dates" you as much as your tech savvy skills. I can never get over how fast my niece and nephews are with their web expertise, or how much I learn from them. I remember being in middle school when news about email was going around as a rumor! It is fascinating how fast kids make technology their own quite simply because in some form or another, technology is their life. While this has advantages galore, it also puts children in a kind of risk we cannot even imagine. But we have to.

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