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links for 2009-07-14

A few tips for employees regarding Internet and cell phone use: — Remember that anything you do on a company-issued computer or cell phone — in or out of the office — could be tracked by a boss, the courts or a regulator. Many employers monitor Web site use, keystrokes, instant messages and e-mail. Some even archive text messages on work cell phones.

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Even in this dismal job market, opportunities do exist for talented individuals, as companies look to upgrade their human capital and benefit from the fluctuating talent pool. Part of my job involves regularly talking to business leaders about their hiring needs. And in recent conversations with executives in the technology and marketing spheres, I’ve found that most everyone agrees on certain key points that help resumes stand out. Whether you’re unemployed, underemployed, or simply looking for an opportunity to grow and prove your professional worth, this is a climate you can and should take advantage of.

(tags: career), a San Francisco based aggregator of social networking sites, on Friday sued Facebook in a California court to try to resolve who owns data on social networking websites — users or the sites. Power says users do. It plans to take a stand in its lawsuit to ensure that users have rights to “complete and total” ownership and control of their content, and to protect their content from other users and corporate entities.

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