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How to Simplify the Complex So You Make the Sale – by Jeff Sexton

What do customers really want? Answer: Customers want simple solutions to complex problems. Unfortunately, complex, thorny problems usually don't have simple, easy answers — and when they do, they're of the simple-but-hard-and-painful variety. A lot of good companies lose sales to less-conscientious competitors — competitors who are more comfortable over-simplifying and (often) over-promising. Good business owners frequently find themselves in a quandary: do they also engage in their competitors' pernicious brand of deceit, or continue telling the truth and losing their shirts in the marketplace?

Complexity is a difficult challenge for marketers, but is also an opportunity. If you can find a way to communicate simplicity, you will acquire more customers and advocates, and others will more easily spread your message via word of mouth.

This article provides three thoughts on how you might tackle complexity. Good read.

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