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  • Steven Woda

e-Fluentials are critical to your marketing success

Check out this terrific post on WOMMA’s blog by Andrew Nibley, Chairman and CEO of Marsteller on the subject of how to leverage "e-Fluentials" to market and promote your products.

Andrew is exactly right. My buySAFE experience has proven to me how important positive e-fluentials are for your business, and this is especially true when launching a new business in a new industry. e-Fluentials are the folks that will educate the rest of the market on your product. Just as important is the need to reach out and manage the concerns of negative e-fluentials. It is obviously common that you won’t agree with these folks, but their perspectives provide valuable learning experiences nevertheless. I also believe these folks, if ultimately converted, will often become your strongest evangelists in the future. At buySAFE, this has been critical.

Again, check out Andrew’s insights here.

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