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Daily Roundup for 2008-04-21

In a year of dismal retail sales projections, a recent report says Americans will continue to snap up clothes, computers and cars online. A conducted by Forrester Research found that online retail sales should climb 17% this year to $204 billion.

It’s been said that content, community and commerce is the holy grail to Internet success, and that’s just what TheFind is now doing. The partnership effectively creates a destination shopping site on, leveraging TheFind’s competency in lifestyle goods, piping in products from merchants that match ELLE’s audience.

Vladuz, the mysterious hacker, who seemed to take great pleasure in hacking eBay has been arrested, according to eBay.

Symantec recently issued it’s Internet Security Report, which covers the second half of 2007. The key findings in the report are that malicious activity has become web based, attackers are going after end users rather than computers, the underground community is maturing and consolidating and the bad guys are getting better at improvising and adapting.

According to what many consider a reputable source, the FBI, Internet scams have set a new dollar record ($240 million).

Michael Barrett, Chief Information Security Officer at PayPal, says phishing is not an unsolvable problem. He and colleague Dan Levy have written a white paper called "A Practical Approach to Managing Phishing" that was published on Thursday in conjunction with the RSA security conference.

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