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Daily Roundup for 2008-01-03

Product Blocks Click Fraud in Real Time

Click Forensics, Inc., a provider of click fraud prevention solutions, recently announced the availability of Click Forensics for Publishers. The new product allows online publishers and ad networks to automatically block sources of click fraud and poor-quality traffic from hitting pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements running on their sites, according to the company. Similar to a spam filter, the product filters out click fraud and other low quality traffic in real time so publishers can improve the overall quality of the traffic they pass through to advertisers.

Will A Talented Entrepreneur Make $1m From His Startup? – Ask The VC

In your experience, what are the chances a talented entrepreneur will make $1M from his startup? (And no, I don’t mean making $150K/year for 6 years and 8 months. 🙂

Mark Davis at Get Venture – Ask The VC

Mark Davis – a member of the DFJ Gotham – has written a very extensive series of posts on his blog titled Get Venture. Mark describes his goal as to "create the entrepreneur’s manual for raising venture capital." He’s covered a lot of ground that is a good read for any entrepreneur looking to raise venture capital.

Researcher: Info Overload Costs Economy

Think twice before you copy someone on an e-mail or hit "reply all." Such practices have made today’s workers less productive, a research firm concludes. After years of naming a product or person of the year, Basex Inc. decided to forecast "information overload" as problem of the year for 2008. "It’s too much information. It’s too many interruptions. It’s too much lost time," Basex chief analyst Jonathan Spira declared. "It’s always too much of a good thing."

Reports of data breaches reached new heights in 2007 –

The loss or theft of personal data such as credit card and Social Security numbers soared to unprecedented levels in 2007, and the trend isn’t expected to turn around anytime soon as hackers stay a step ahead of security and laptops disappear with sensitive information.

New-year Ideas For eBay Powersellers: Five tips to standout from the competition

I hope you had a great holiday selling season online, and with the new year right around the corner, what follows are some tips for increasing your eBay presence even more in 2008.

eBay Watch: Shipping Rate Hikes, Promotions Tools

EBay announced several changes to item specifics that will take effect in early January. Item specifics enable sellers to complete listings quicker by using pre-filled (or pre-defined) information when selling specific items.

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