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buySAFE update, and my new contact information

Dear Friends,

Please excuse the impersonal nature of this note, but I wanted to make sure that each of you had my new contact information.

After almost nine years of building buySAFE, I’ve wrapped up my time at the company that I founded while in grad school at Wharton. I am leaving buySAFE in very capable hands, with fresh funding, and the brightest future that the company has ever had. It has been a quite a ride, and I am pleased with what we accomplished. We made the Internet safer for tens of millions of shoppers and more profitable for thousands of ecommerce merchants; we developed new products and technologies now licensed and utilized by some of the largest safety and security companies in the world; and we had a lot of fun in the process. Here is our official announcement…

It has been a few weeks since my last day in the office, and the rest of the buySAFE team has continued and will continue to do great work for our customers and investors. I am confident that they will perform at the same high level that buySAFE is known for. If you need to contact anyone at buySAFE in the future, I suggest you touch base with Jeff Grass, buySAFE’s CEO, at or Tim Woda, buySAFE’s VP of Biz Dev and Sales, at I am quite sure they can either assist you directly or point you to the person that will.

As for me, I am stepping back, spreading my wings a bit, and looking for new challenges. I am thinking about new venture ideas, consulting and advising for a number of companies, and considering interesting executive leadership opportunities. Of course, drop me a note if you think I might be helpful with anything you are working on. I am always willing to assist if I can.

My buySAFE email address and phone are no longer actively monitored, so in the future, please use my new contact information below (You can also download my updated Vcard). I look forward to catching-up with you soon, and of course, I will keep you up to date on my future adventures as well.

Best regards, Steve

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