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  • Steven Woda

buySAFE launches risk-free, comparison shopping site

We launched a new version of buySAFE Shopping this week, and so far, so good. In recent weeks, the mainstream media has done a fairly nice job of covering buySAFE’s new risk-free, comparison shopping site including the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Newsweek, Washington Post, and Consumer Reports. Obviously, we are pleased.

The new site is designed to provide consumers with the safest shopping experience available anywhere on the Internet. How do we do this? buySAFE uses surety bonds to guarantee the transactions of Bonded Sellers up to $25,000 for each transaction. That’s right…If the transaction is Bonded (and on buySAFE Shopping, EVERY item is Bonded), you have nothing to worry about!

Great deals and no risk. Good stuff. I am excited to start all of my Christmas shopping at buySAFE Shopping this year!

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