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buySAFE Announces New Partnership With Travelers

Today, buySAFE announced a new partnership with The St. Paul Travelers Companies, one of the largest financial institutions in the world with more than $113 billion in assets.

The new Travelers relationship adds another major U.S. financial institution to buySAFE’s growing team of business partners. The Hartford Financial Services Group and The Rutherfoord Companies are major investors in buySAFE, and in 2005, Liberty Mutual Insurance Company joined with buySAFE to provide significant surety bond capacity for buySAFE’s rapidly growing business on eBay,, and TIAS.

Recently, buySAFE announced that it was expanding beyond eBay to support its Bonded Merchants’ website sales, and the Travelers partnership adds valuable surety bond capacity for the business expansion.

Travelers Bond is the largest surety bond company in the world, and so personally, I am very excited about this new business relationship. On a personal note, both Jeff Grass (buySAFE’s CEO) and I began our careers at Travelers, and so we are both pleased to be working with old friends and colleagues.

Stay tuned… buySAFE will be announcing another major financial institution partnership in the next couple of weeks!

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