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Business Rx: wants to help you protect your kids online – The Washington Post

“’s uKnowKids service is a parenting tool, really a parental intelligence system — kind of like business intelligence for the CEO of the household. We help parents keep their kids safe from online bullies and bad guys. We focus on social media and mobile technology and give parents the information they need about their kids’ online activities to take action if necessary. “Kids receive an average of 100 text messages a day, and 80 percent say they sleep with their phone so they don’t miss a text. “The portal allows parents to log in to a dashboard where they can see their child’s digital activities — everything from texts to Facebook posts. The child knows it’s there because he or she provides the appropriate passwords. The idea is to engage with the child. We datamine for changes in behavior or new information. Parents may not want, or have the time, to read every text, but they may want to know if their child’s interactions with a specific contact spike or decline suddenly or if there are risky activities occurring, such as sending a large amount of photos to a new contact. sends an e-mail alert, which they can use to intervene as necessary.

A nice article about my latest venture in the Washington Post.

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