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  • Steven Woda

Add Your Phishing Emails to the Phishtank

Phishtank is an interesting new anti-phishing service that recently launched to the public. Brian Krebs of the Washington Post reviewed Phishtank, and I agree with many of his assessments.

The service is a great idea, and I like many facets of it. I have always been a big fan of leveraging the collective knowledge of the community to identify and fight the bad guys.

My one issue with the service is the fact that they publish the URLs of the malicious sites on their home page. People are pretty naive, and there are lots of people that will find this interesting and decide to visit these sites in their browser. The problem is that these sites often attempt to exploit browser flaws, and surfers can fall victim to them by simply viewing the websites. Obviously, publishing the URLs of the suspected malicious sites is not a great idea.

Still, I encourage you to check out the Phishtank (don’t visit the malicious sites though), and if you find a suspicious website, make sure you add it to the Phishtank.

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