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101 Five-Minute Fixes to Improve Your Web Site

At buySAFE, our web site is one of our greatest assets. It is the main avenue by which we communicate with prospective buyer and merchant customers, partners, the media, and investors. It is the main tool we have for defining buySAFE for the rest of the world. It is the vehicle we use for creating action with respect to our unique eCommerce trust and safety and advertising services.

I spend a fair amount of my time thinking about how to better leverage this asset, and then working with my team to improve upon its utility.

Therefore, when I ran across this article, "101 Five-Minute Fixes to Incrementally Improve Your Web Site" by Inside CRM Editors, I thought you would enjoy it too. Here are their first 10 web site improvement tips, and if you are interested in learning more, you should definitely click through to read their other 91 tips as well.

  1. Tell readers why they should perform a task. If your site is full of passive suggestions, toughen it up. People are trained to follow a request, as long as you give them a good reason to do it.

  2. Make the most highly trafficked pages easier to scan. If your current site consists of large blocks of text, break it up so that it’s easier for the average Internet user to read.

  3. Convey a sense of trust. If you’re experiencing skepticism, offer social proof like testimonials or risk-mitigating offers like a free trial.

  4. Stress benefits. Ensure that your copy always shows users exactly how your site will benefit them.

  5. Make headlines meaningful. Be sure to change any vague or cutesy headlines to something more up-front and meaningful.

  6. Repeat yourself. Check over your copy to make sure that you’re really driving the point home by making it in a number of ways.

  7. Tell visitors what to do. Revise your site to ensure that people know exactly what the next step is. If you want a visitor to click a link, tell them

  8. Keep the reader engaged. Make sure that your current content gives visitors a reason to keep reading throughout the entire piece; otherwise, you need to spice things up a bit.

  9. Stay consistent. Check your copy for consistency, or else your site may be seen as unstable or flighty.

  10. Stay simple. Simplify your message simply to avoid confusing visitors, while at the same time improving conversion rates.

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