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  • Steven Woda

1 in 5 young employees want this more than money!

More money!  That is obviously what you expect your employees to want the most, but it turns out that for many young employees, freedom is what matters most to them.

1 in 5 young employees say that the "freedom to use technology how they want while they’re at work" is the number one thing they want out of their jobs.

Sam Narisi wrote a nice article on this recently, and it is an interesting read.

These employees want access to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.  They want to use the favorite personal devices whether that be Blackberries, iPhones or their own laptops.  They want to use the Internet for their personal business.

To be honest, I don't think this is important only to young employees.  I suspect that a large percentage of older employees would echo those thoughts.  As you manage your teams, keep these needs in mind.  It will inevitably help you lead more effectively if you can offer a work environment that caters to your employees and the things they hold most dear.

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