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The “Beltway Money Man”

Forbes Magazine recently called Core Capital‘s Jonathan Silver the "Beltway Money Man". Jonathan is an investor in buySAFE and on our...

PayPal to the rescue

Q3 financial results were announced today, and eBay’s profits were up 10%. That is good news for this battered stock, and it appears...

eBay My World enters the world

eBay is rolling a new feature on their site called eBay My World (or at least I think it is new since I haven’t seen this in the past). ...

Add Your Phishing Emails to the Phishtank

Phishtank is an interesting new anti-phishing service that recently launched to the public. Brian Krebs of the Washington Post reviewed...

Greg Isaacs is Leaving eBay

Greg Isaacs, Director of eBay’s Developers’ Program, is leaving eBay after more than five years at the firm. No announcement yet on what...

Avoiding eBay eMail Scams

The following blog post provides basic, wise advice on how to avoid eBay / PayPal email scams. "eBay and eMail Scams" at keep my engine...

What is a “Market for Lemons”?

Without focusing on eBay or eCommerce in general, it has been requested that I illustrate a simple example of how a "Market for Lemons"...

How Do You Sell Profitably on eBay?

I have been writing quite a bit lately on eBay, and on the developing stories of lagging buyer demand and poor seller economics. Every...

Thought of the Week – 08/26/06

For those of you that know me, you know that I appreciate inspirational quotes, poems and stories. Life is a complicated journey, and...

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