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Daily Roundup for 2008-03-12

Pay-per-click Spyware and Other Scams: Tips on avoiding and detecting If you thought click fraud was bad, consider this: your Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing ads and Microsoft adCenter accounts are new targets for spyware applications, hackers and scam artists. If thieves obtain access to your pay-per-click account, they are in complete control of your pay-per-click activity and could place ads on their behalf but charge your account for them. Wikipedia founder defen

A Few Interesting, Recent eCommerce and Entrepreneurship Articles

Good morning everyone! If you know me well, you know that I am a voracious reader of anything and everything that I believe is interesting or useful either personally or professionally. My colleagues will attest to the fact that their Inbox usually has at least one article that I have recent found that might be useful for them or buySAFE. 🙂 Today, I have been catching-up on my reading list, and I thought I would share with you a few articles that I found interesting. Hope

eCommerce’s “Shoot the Messenger” Strategy

When it comes to online fraud, the e-commerce industry seems to hate looking itself in the mirror. Specifically, e-commerce executives cringe at the mere mention of the existence of online fraud. Their first reaction is almost always to blame the messenger for sharing tough information about the industry rather than actually tackling the core issues driving the online fraud that victimizes consumers for millions of dollars every day. I ran across the following quote from Sc

Does eBay Have a Credibility Gap With Merchants in 2007?

As 2007 begins to come into focus, I thought it might be interesting to revisit an experienced PowerSeller’s perspective on eBay. Frank Ross writes the Common Sense eCommerce blog, and in November 2006, Frank provided his commentary on eBay’s evolving relationship with e-commerce merchants. Please give his blog post a quick review – "eBay Credibility Gap 2007". Obviously, 2006 was a tough year for eBay and its merchants. We regularly get emails on this subject from readers

eMarket for Lemons at Baruch College

I was recently invited by Dr. Karl Lang to be a guest lecturer at Baruch College on the subject of buySAFE and my experience starting an e-commerce business. I always love speaking to folks about buySAFE and its important value proposition (Making sure that buyers get what they pay for, and that merchants get paid what they deserve.), but I especially enjoy speaking with college students (in this case they were MBAs) about what I believe is happening with e-commerce today. A

buySAFE Founder Guarantees Delivery by The Washington Times

The Washington Times recently did a nice article on buySAFE, and of course, I appreciated the generous coverage as well. "buySAFE Founder Guarantees Delivery" by The Washington Times I hope you enjoy the read. Related articles & blog posts: AuctionWire TMCnet #eCommerce #Founder #eBay #WashingtonTimes #buySAFE #SteveWoda #Entrepreneurship

buySAFE on The Today Show!

The past few days have been quite exciting here at buySAFE. Last week, buySAFE was featured on The Today Show. The "Designer Duds: Fake or Real?" segment, reported by Today’s consumer affairs reporter Janice Lieberman, discussed the growing e-commerce problem of counterfeit luxury goods. As expected, buySAFE was showcased as a terrific solution to the counterfeit goods problem. Counterfeit/fake/stolen goods are obviously becoming a major issue for e-commerce, but in my opi

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