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Antitrust Lawsuit Filed against eBay over PayPal, Payments Policies

AuctionBytes’ Ina Steiner reported this week that an anti-trust lawsuit was recently filed against eBay. ‘Michael Malone filed an antitrust class-action lawsuit against eBay this week under the Sherman Act, alleging eBay "utilizes its nationwide monopoly of the on-line auction market to monopolize the available forms of payment that sellers can use on eBay." eBay controls which payment methods sellers may advertise in their listings, and this year, it eliminated buyer-protect

eMarket for Lemons at Baruch College

I was recently invited by Dr. Karl Lang to be a guest lecturer at Baruch College on the subject of buySAFE and my experience starting an e-commerce business. I always love speaking to folks about buySAFE and its important value proposition (Making sure that buyers get what they pay for, and that merchants get paid what they deserve.), but I especially enjoy speaking with college students (in this case they were MBAs) about what I believe is happening with e-commerce today. A

buySAFE Founder Guarantees Delivery by The Washington Times

The Washington Times recently did a nice article on buySAFE, and of course, I appreciated the generous coverage as well. "buySAFE Founder Guarantees Delivery" by The Washington Times I hope you enjoy the read. Related articles & blog posts: AuctionWire TMCnet #eCommerce #Founder #eBay #WashingtonTimes #buySAFE #SteveWoda #Entrepreneurship

buySAFE on The Today Show!

The past few days have been quite exciting here at buySAFE. Last week, buySAFE was featured on The Today Show. The "Designer Duds: Fake or Real?" segment, reported by Today’s consumer affairs reporter Janice Lieberman, discussed the growing e-commerce problem of counterfeit luxury goods. As expected, buySAFE was showcased as a terrific solution to the counterfeit goods problem. Counterfeit/fake/stolen goods are obviously becoming a major issue for e-commerce, but in my opi

France, Luxury Goods, and the Counterfeit Problem

Travis Brown, buySAFE’s General Counsel & VP of International, recently spent a week in France as a guest of the French government. The purpose of the trip was to learn more about the exploding counterfeit goods industry, and to explain how bonding merchants and buySAFE could significantly mitigate this huge problem. I found Travis’ post to be one of the best I have ever read on the issue of counterfeit goods, and I am sure you will agree. I encourage you to give it a quic

Auction Fraud Tops FBI’s 2006 Internet Crime Report

As reported by Fraud, Phishing and Financial Misdeeds, auction fraud continues to be a huge problem. The FBI has released its 2006 Internet Crime Report, and 45% of the Internet crime complaints in 2006 were for auction fraud. You can read the Internet Crime Report here. I have to be quite honest. I am pretty disappointed in our Internet industry. I believe there are too many folks willing to ignore this issue in the interest of making millions of dollars in profits. Cons

What do Digg and eBay Have in Common?

Written by Guest Blogger, Lauren Davis – Georgetown Law student What do Digg and eBay have in common? Their rating systems are under assault by the fraudsters, and in some cases, this mischief is undermining the systems’ credibility and effectiveness. There has been a great deal of buzz surrounding a recent article in Wired magazine. The piece, entitled “Herding the Mob,” notes that online retail sites, such as eBay and Yahoo Auctions, and social bookmarking sites, including

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