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Daily Roundup for 2008-03-09

The Lives We Lead; The Things We Do – Silicon Valley is where most everyone’s goal is to be wildly successful in changing the world – creating a runaway success and being rewarded with a big payday. All know the odds, and the daily struggle of insatiable demands for the next big thing with the very least investment, and industry-wide contempt for those who have failed. Despite this, all are driven to grasp for the shiny brass ring that’s always, though sometimes

Daily Roundup for 2008-03-06

The Tipping Point—Web Logo Style The other day, a friend who runs a small business lamented that his Web site wasn’t worth the trickle of business it brought in. Something told me he’s not alone. In fact, some estimates have found the majority of small-business Web sites fail to generate revenue. Which is too bad, because I think that entrepreneurs like my friend make a mistake by blaming the site itself, or even the medium of the Web. The problem, in my view, is not the sit

Arthur Benjamin’s Mathemagic!

I have been sitting here this morning working on a financial model in Excel, and after completing one, particularly complex formula, I was reminded of a video I recently saw on the web. Arthur Benjamin’s mathematics skills are absolutely amazing! Check it out below… If you want to learn to count like Arthur Benjamin, check out his academic homepage as well as his Mathemagics site. #ArthurBenjamin #Mathemagic #TED


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