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Poor customer service goes viral

It should be obvious in a day and age with the Internet, YouTube, HD and video cameras, that poor customer service can be very costly to a company. However, some of the old dinosaurs are a bit slow on the take. This entertaining music video, “United Breaks Guitars”, was produced by a country singer who had a terrible experience on United Airlines. As I watched the video, I couldn’t help but do a bit of math on the implications of such a viral production. At the time of thi

Google is an advertising cheapskate!

What is the most valuable brand in the world? Well after a bit of research, one thing becomes clear… Google is an advertising cheapskate! …and "that’s a good thing" as Martha Stewart likes to say. There are a whole bunch of factors that have combined to drive Google’s amazing success, but an aggressive advertising spend is not one of them. To put it into perspective for you, let me first share with you how much Google’s big competitors spent on marketing and sales last year.


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