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Chicago Will Host eBay Live 2008

If you are an eBay fan (as I am), and you live in the Midwest, you will be very happy to learn that eBay Live 2008 will be held in Chicago. eBay has not yet announced the decision, but Ina Steiner, a very authoritative source on all things eBay, has broken the story in her "eBay Live 2008 to Be Hosted in Chicago" blog post. There are a number of major companies in the e-commerce ecosystem, both merchants and third-party service providers, that have decided to skip eBay Live

Where Can You Meet the Largest Merchants on eBay?

buySAFE has attended every one of these remarkable semi-annual events. In fact, we have sponsored every PESA event since the organization’s inception, so we are obviously a huge supporter of this organization. Therefore, I wanted to give next week’s PESA Summit a mini-plug. If you are a professional merchant or simply interested in e-commerce because you are a member of the media, a financial analyst or a third-party service provider, you should attend this event. You won’


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